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Here you can see an overview of the process, what you will get while I work on the illustration and where you can do changes, Tho you can email me anytime for changes, but be aware that you have a limit on revisions and large revision toward the end can increase the price.

Working On Exemple.png



This is the start of the project, where we discuss what I want, and we find out how complex the illustration you want is. We will also discuss time frame, what rights you need, and the end price.

Feel free to include mood boards, or similar reference if there is something you really want to see in your illustration.



After the half pay, I will start on some sketches 4+.

You can select on of the sketches to continue with, change it up a bit or ask to combine some, and I will repeat this step. 


At this point it's easist to make large changes, pose, environment are anything else.

Under some circumstances I can do 1/3 pay upfront.



Colour Draft

At this point, we are mainly looking at the overall mood, energy and design of the illustration. So here feel free to change the colours and design of the character, e.g. change the helmet and sword design, change the colour of the magic or cape.

you will get a new draft with a sketch over before we move forward



Here we will decide on smaller changes in the design, this is the last point where you can easily add changes. we will not move forward before you have confirmed the design and you have send the full payment.




This is where I complete the illustration, and after I am done I will send you a draft version, where you can confirm and add very small changes, If you want larger changes you might have to pay more before I apply those changes, since the agreed on price have been payed.



After everything is done and you have confirmed everything, I will start sending you everything the full file, you will get a large .png and .jpeg, you will also get web friendly versions and an Instagram friendly, if the aspect ration is outside of what they prefer. 

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