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Know my rights... and yours

Terms of Service

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following Terms of Service.These terms primarily ensure the smooth operation of the commission process. They cover situations such as order cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances, payment procedures, and copyright regulations.

Key Terms

  • Prices may change based on demand.

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission


  • The commission price includes three rounds of revisions prior to the rendering stage. With around 2 revisions per round, so a minimum of 6 revisions.

  • Additional charges apply for changes requested after the start of the rendering stage, or if you wish to return to the draft/mockup stage.

Commission Process & Delivery

  • Completion time for commissions can vary, ranging from few days to a several months.

  • The finished artwork will be delivered as a high-resolution digital image. Please note, there are no physical products involved.

  • You will receive the completed piece via email or an agreed-upon alternative.


  • Payments are accepted in USD, EUR, or NOK.

  • Payment methods include PayPal or Norwegian services like Vipps.

  • Payment options are either 100% upfront or 50% upfront.

  • Refrain from sending payment until we have agreed on your request and I have explicitly requested the payment.

Cancellation & Refunds

  • Refunds are not provided once work on the commission has started.

  • Full refunds are available if I'm unable to commence your commission, or if you cancel your order prior to its initiation.

  • If you're due a refund, please do not request a chargeback from PayPal or similar. I will personally handle the refund process.

  • Unauthorized chargeback requests will result in forfeiture of your rights to the commissioned piece. I retain the right to use and profit from the artwork in this case.

Copyright & Usage

  • As the artist, I retain all copyrights over the commissioned artwork, but will not claim the intellectual property (IP) of the commissioned artwork. I will not profit directly from the commissioned artwork, unless the terms are violated. I reserve the right to showcase the commissioned artwork in my portfolio, social media and in public publications, vides, books...etc.

  • As the commissioner, you may share the artwork online or physically, but you cannot profit from it (e.g., selling prints) without my consent. You retain the rights to the IP. For commercial usage, please discuss this with me prior to payment. Unauthorized alterations to the artwork are prohibited.

  • Copyright infringement includes commercial reproduction/use of the copyrighted artwork (unless otherwise agreed), claiming the artwork as your own, or altering the artwork without my consent.

  • Commercial rights to the image may be purchased in certain cases.

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